1880 Town – Cowboys, Costner and Camels

South Dakota is known primarily for its history carved in stone – to be more specific, the Mount Rushmore National Memorial with the four heads of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln; and the monumental Crazy Horse Memorial, which is still being chiseled, hammered and blasted to completion. However, the state…Read More

Alcatraz – The Rock

As is well known, there is no accounting for taste. But when asked which city is the most beautiful in the world, one name always comes up: San Francisco. The “Belle of the Bay” fascinates with its location along a bay on the Pacific, its mild climate or the steep streets lined with Victorian-style houses…Read More

Big Bend National Park

Deep in the west of Texas, the remote beauty of Big Bend’s rugged mountains, canyons and expansive desert wilderness unfolds. The landscape looks like the backdrop for a John Wayne movie. Here, the Rio Grande forms the Mexican border. Although Big Bend is one of the largest US national parks, it is still a well-kept…Read More

Desert Botanical Garden Phoenix

If you are traveling to Phoenix, visiting a botanical garden is not necessarily on your list of things to do. Right in the middle of the desert? When everything is in full bloom at home? You will certainly change your mind if you visit the Desert Botanical Garden. Plan on spending half a day there,…Read More