Native American Kunst: Keith (Winterhawk) Adams

Keith (Winterhawk) Adams had already established a career as a sketch artist in the 70’s before he switched to acrylics and became a painter.  His own Blackfoot heritage makes a strong statement in his work and many of his paintings depict the spiritualism of the American Indian.

The unique Keith Adams style draws the past into the present in an unusual blend of realism and spiritualism.  His finely detailed subject matter against a contemporary color wash background makes a dynamic impact on the viewer.  No other artist in the country works with acrylics as Keith does, and his talent is equally impressive whether he is dealing with Hopi Indian Kachinas, Plains Indians artifacts, American wildlife, or rustic farm scenes from the Midwest.

Keith has been represented by many fine galleries across the country and you could always find him at one of the many small arts and crafts festival throughout the Southwest.  Keith lived in Scottsdale, Arizona until he passed away.

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